Spectacular “Cloud Tsunami” Rolls Over Sydney

Final Friday, a “cloud tsunami” startled the residents of the latest Southern Wales, Australian Continent. Theoretically a “shelf cloud,” those on Bondi seashore saw just what appeared as if an enormous, several-kilometer-long trend extending over the sky. The Australian Bureau of Meteorology granted warnings to your surrounding places as a result of thunderstorms, hefty rains, and powerful winds.

“[The shelf cloud] is established by a cool outflow from a thunderstorm raising the damp atmosphere extremely suddenly, its an outflow function from a thunderstorm,” forecaster Christopher Webb explained to The everyday Telegraph. “When the rainfall through the thunderstorm comes vertically down it drags air along with it, it develops horizontally and types a gust front side, you will get the humid atmosphere becoming raised suddenly through the outflow associated with thunderstorm.”

More details : Wikipedia (h/t: dailytelegraph)

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